Photovoltaic vs Wind Farm

Renewable resource technologies Wind and solar systems are a great alternative of investing in Albania.

Albania offers enough ground and resources to best develop these investments, because of his Mediterranean climate offers considerable potential for solar energy, similarly,

the mountainous areas offer many opportunity for developing wind energy projects.

The source of electricity in Albania is mainly from hydropower plants.

In the recent years has been very important developments for solar panel plants,

Albania takes about 2100-2700 hours sunlight within the year.

Special interest for wind farms where in the Coastal, Southern and Eastern Lowlands and the mountains in Northern Albania, suitable areas for wind turbines.

Wind speed is 8–9 m / s in many areas of Albania.

Although the technology for solar plants goes an investment of about 2 ml Eur and wind farm an investment of about 20 ml Eur, wind however has a lower cost of energy production.

The state guarantees for investors of photovoltaic plants a price of 100 euros / MWh, while for those of wind farms a price of 76 euros / MWh.

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